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Society board members and individuals coordinating various activities will be happy to answer questions about the Society or its activities. Contact them to learn how you can join and get involved in areas that interest you.

Individuals coordinating various activities are available for questions and help you get involved in areas that interest you (click links to send email):

Email for information about the Society. Jeff Hastings - AHS President, MPH Trust Member
Email for information about AHS and regional historical site information and requirements. Jeremy Bradham, AHS Vice President, MPH Trust Member, member Capital Area Preservation organization (CAP)

Email for information about membership or contacts and events.

Email for information about AHS and organization or to make tax deductable contributions for support of the AHS and the MP House. John Messler - AHS Treasurer, AHS Board Member

Email for tours of the Maynard-Pearson house, grounds, general questions about AHS and membership, contacts.


Email for information on group presentations (clubs, schools, etc.) and walking tours of of Historical Apex.

TBD - Homes Tour facilitator, AHS Board member, Halle Center Talks/Presentations. Alternate email ApexHistoricalSociety

Email for information about Halle Center displays and planning and the AHS. Margaret Lawrence - AHS Board Member

Email for information about the AHS Caboose (next to Chamber of Commerce), group tours of the caboose, etc.

Email with questions about the Maynard-Pearson House and family history, grounds or the AHS website.

John Pearson AHS Board member, M-P House Trust member, Webmaster. Alternate email ApexHistoricalSociety


General questions

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